HERO+ is a London-based social enterprise that promotes everyday heroism through workshops. Everyday heroes act in challenging situations through making informed decisions when its crucial. Launched in 2018 by psychologist Sina Sujatha Schwache (MSc) in conjunction with Dr. Philip Zimbardo (Professor emeritus, Stanford University, President and Founder Heroic Imagination Project), the vision is create pro-active social change and personal growth among young people.
HERO+ is an organisational partner of the Heroic Imagination Project (HIP) in the United States and is now offering HIP workshops the United Kingdom.


Message from our CEO

HERO+ at the Emmanuel Centre, March 2019



The HERO+ Team

Making A Difference

HERO+ is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The HERO+ team consists of trained workshop facilitators hailing from psychology, education and arts.

Sina Sujatha Schwache (MSc)
CEO and Founder

Sina is a psychologist and creative learning leader who is passionate about unlocking the potential in young people.

Louise Foddy (BSc)
Content Director and Workshop Facilitator

Louise is an experienced A-level teacher and AQA examiner, with a passion for empowering young people with self-confidence, independence and resilience.


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